Sr 400000 Fine For Fake Traffic Accidents To Claim Insurance

 The Media and Insurance Awareness Committee in collaboration with the local insurance companies have launched a campaign to enhance public awareness regarding the penalties placed for tampering the information in vehicle or health insurance documents.
 It has been observed that many people whose vehicles are damaged in traffic accidents don’t stop their vehicles at the spot and try to create a fake traffic accident with another vehicle to claim insurance money. It is a complete fraud and now heavy penalty is imposed by the government on the people who do this kind acts.
 SR 400,000 fine and 5 years Jail
 Anyone found guilty of doing so shall be charged with a fine worth SR400,000 and imprisonment of 5 years. The spokesman for the committee, Mr. Adel Al-Issa declared that the Saudi law declares punishment for those who modify or tamper information that has been issued in the insurance certificate.
 The Anti-Forgery laws law’s article 13 clearly states that anyone who tends to temper or forges commercial, financial or bank documents or insurance certificates shall be sentenced to imprisonment from 1 to 5 years and fine worth SR400,000.
 Buy Insurance Policy from a registered insurance company
 The committee has also asked people to remain sensible and to purchase the insurance policies and certificates only from the registered insurance companies and their authorized agents. These people are unauthorized agents who try to capture more and more clients by making the insurance policy attractive without notifying the insurance companies. Recommended: List of Insurance Companies in Saudi Arabia
 Al-Issa also explained that the committee is tasked to enhance awareness for the general public, relevant parties, and concerned sectors so that they can enjoy the benefits of the insurance. He also disclosed that they have been able to bring those to punishment who have been tampering information regarding the insurance and its coverage.
 Al-Issa ensured that the campaign aims at providing tips and bits of advice to the people so that they can pick up the true policy. Also, the campaign would educate people to buy the insurance policies and certificates from authorized insurance companies and their authorized agents. People shall buy the insurance certificates directly from the companies and agents and not from indirect sources.
 Source: Saudi Gazette