Best Anti Theft Devices

 A car being stolen is not something new. We often hear incidents where people report that they just parked their car and went for about 5-10 minutes for grocery or so and then came back found no car! This issue can be controlled by installing anti-theft devices in your car.
 A little care and investment on anti-theft devices can help us from bearing such a huge loss. Here are those 5 anti-theft equipment’s that would help your car be secure while you enjoy your shopping! Grab them and enjoy a car care-free life!
 1-Steering wheel lock – the best anti-theft device
 A steering wheel lock would simply get attached to your steering and would prevent anyone from driving the car. Obviously, your steering won’t move and without moving steering who can drive a car?
 The steering wheel locks are hard and are not easily breakable prove to be the best among all other anti-theft devices. There are two types of steering wheel locks available in the market and both serve the purpose rightfully!
 2-The Tire Lock
 A tire lock will get attached to the tire and make your car be safe and sound. However, a tire lock would require space in your car trunk.
 Moreover, a tire lock is useful if you are out for a long shopping or in case you need your car get secured at night. In case you are out for a small venture, this anti-theft device would not be a suitable choice.
 3-Baby Monitor
 Well, this does sound funny, yet it is practical. Place a baby monitor in the car and get audio and video feedback. The monitor that uses the battery is best as you would not need to take out the monitor and recharge it.
 With a baby monitor in the car, a thief will restrain from stealing your car and in case if he tries to you will get a timely alert through Baby Monitor anti-theft device.
 4-Kill switch – a killer anti-theft device
 A kill switch is an anti-theft device which will cut off the electricity flow into the fuel pump and other circuits. With no electric flow, the car would simply refuse to get started making it impossible for the thief to steal your car.
 However, if you fear that the thief will be smart enough to identify the kill switch technique, install multiple kill switches. However, we recommend that such a technique be used by those who have good car knowledge.
 5-Electronic Tracking System – the smartest anti-theft device
 With this advanced technology plugged into your car, you can retrieve your stolen car easily. This anti-theft device has a built-in GPS that would work in a stranded dessert, forests and even in garages.
 Worry not when you have such a device in the car. The device is integrated with the police station and has a 90% recovery level. Yet it is a bit expensive!