Dont Drive With Your Feet Saudi Police Warns

 Driving a vehicle is a responsibility
 You need to be careful as your single mistake can put the lives of many including you at a risk. There is a number of people on the street that might come to grips with your mistake. Then while driving you might have your parents, children or friends along with you in the same vehicle.
 Driving is thereby a big responsibility and you ought to be careful. I have seen people being careless while driving, they are busy texting their friends, using Facebook or Twitter and attending calls. Guys, nothing is as important as your own life!
 A new trend of driving with feet is evolving in Saudi Arabia
 We haven’t been able to put an end to such habits and yet there is another weird trend being set, the trend of driving with feet! I have witnessed people on the roads of Saudi Arabia who ought to drive with feet!
 Even though this trend is not that popular, but few of us must have witnessed men lying behind the seat and controlling their vehicle with their feet. Sometimes it is more than shocking.  While I was driving and I saw this man sitting or I must say lying on the seat and using his feet for controlling the steering, I got shocked than being amazed.
 Feet attached to the steering wheel
 Imagine going on the road and you see a vehicle beside you and there is no one on the seat and it is operational. Then you witness two creepy structures (the feet) attached to the steering! Man, this is horrific. It took me a moment to figure out what I was witnessing was feet controlling steering.
 I just got so into figuring out everything that I lost control of my car. I had to regain my focus on driving and I slowed down my speed so that I would remain quite behind that car. It is distracting! And then I felt uncomfortable with it.
 Driving with your feet is dangerous and illegal
 The man can lose control any second and he was not positioned to regain control! In fact, road safety experts are of the view that using feet, knees, elbow or any other thing except hands to control the steering vehicle is dangerous and illegal.
 It is considered to practice reckless driving and it puts the lives of others at stake. This illegal practice is now settling as the latest driving trend. Young Saudi men are altering their cars seats with those seats that can let them lay back and control their cars using feet.
 People upload videos driving cars with feet
 People on social media are uploading their videos where it is seen that they are driving their cars using knees and feet while using hands to film the whole scene. The Saudi traffic police are of the view that such a practice is illegal as it can produce fatal results.
 Such drivers believe that their car is under their control, however, they are mistaken.  It is quite visible that they are being irresponsible. Sitting at the back and driving just for sake of fun yet putting their and others life at risk is no intelligence!