I Have Lost Both Legs In A Traffic Accident Learn From My Mistakes

 40,000 people get injured due to road accidents every month in Saudi Arabia: Road accidents basically occur because of our carelessness. Our small attention can help us save our lives and the lives of others. According to a report, every day 35 people in Saudi Arabia tend to face the harshness of road accidents.
 This means that every day 35 people in Saudi Arabia tend to suffer from mental trauma, physical injuries and disabilities and pay hefty costs for medical treatment.
 Not only this, a new revelation by the Saudi Gazette indicates that every month 40,000 people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tend to suffer from serious injuries caused by road accidents.
 The only reason for road accidents is our carelessness: Roads accidents in Saudi Arabia are not caused because of poor traffic and law and order situations in the country. The reason for road accidents in Saudi Arabia is carelessness of Saudi and pedestrians.
 The story of Majed Otaibi: Here we are going to share a story of Majed Al Otaibi. This is a story of a Saudi who became a victim of a tragic road accident. Al Otaibi, A Saudi citizen, who has lost his both legs due to his own carelessness. He wanted to share his story not for gaining sympathy but to educate others.
 He wants to save the lives of others by telling that how his carelessness caused him a life-long regret. Al Otaibi recently appeared in a TV show named Tam. He shared his story that bought tears in eyes of many.
 He was carelessly driving on the road and fell for a tragic accident. He now uses Prosthetic legs to walk and function. However, with these legs, he cannot fully function. He cannot lift much weight as well.
 He is a father to 4 children. As a father, he wants to lift them, swirl them and hug them, yet his carelessness has taken away this joy from him. This is the emotional cost that he is suffering from.
 Every day is a challenge: to have led a normal life and now waking up with artificial legs is a nightmare. Every time he sees himself it hits him that only if he had been a little careful.
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 It cost him SR 1 million to get artificial legs: Then he suffered a monetary cost as well. These artificial legs were not free of cost, they came with a cost SR 1,000,000. In the interview he described that the accident cost him a lot, it affected his life, money, and health.
 Poor Al Otaibi and other victims are not able to undo what has been done. They are regretful over their carelessness but want to save the lives of others. Here are a few measures that all should take to save their lives:
 Focus only on driving while you drive
 Avoid eating while driving
 Put away your cell phones during driving/walking on the roadside
 Do not over-speed
 Do not practice drifting
 Always follow traffic rules